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Animates raising funds for New Zealanders in need of a Mobility Dog

Animates teaming up with Mobility Dogs to raise funds, and a puppy, to assist Kiwi living with disability


3 September 2014



Animates teaming up with Mobility Dogs to raise funds, and a puppy, to assist Kiwi living with disability


Animates stores around New Zealand are partnering with Mobility Dogs from September to October to raise funds to train at least one puppy for a New Zealander living with a physical disability, who is in need of assistance to perform daily tasks.

Nikki Marchant-Ludlow, Animates Services & Welfare Manager says Animates is proud to be working with Mobility Dogs who are dedicated to enhancing the lives of Kiwis living with long-term physical disabilities.

Mobility Dogs are trained to assist with tasks which most able-bodied Kiwis take for granted, including fetching the phone, taking shoes and socks off, switching lights on and off, and even paying for purchases across the counter. Each dog is trained specifically to meet their partner’s individual needs.

“Switching a light on and off is an easy, every-day task for most New Zealanders, however there are number of Kiwis for which this is a challenge. More than 12 percent of New Zealanders live with a physical disability and, of those, 25 percent require help with daily tasks,” says Marchant-Ludlow.

“It costs more than $45,000, and two years, to train one Mobility Dog to be ready for their partner, so we’ll be collecting donations from our customers in all our stores from 8 September until 31 October.

“We’re aiming to raise $50,000 which will go directly to the Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust for them to train and raise at least one new puppy to reach its full potential as a Mobility Dog.

“At Animates, we understand the special bond between people and their pets, and if we can help even one New Zealander through supporting a Mobility Dog which will be specially trained to meet their individual needs, then that’s brilliant. It’s not just about assistance in undertaking everyday tasks, it’s also about the love and companionship a dog provides their partner and that partner provides the dog,” she concluded.

Jody Wilson General Manager Mobility Dogs, says Mobility Dogs provide invaluable support to New Zealanders living with long-term physical disabilities, including muscular dystrophy, stroke, Parkinson’s, spinal cord injuries and cerebral palsy.

“We are hugely appreciative of Animates in their support to help partner a Mobility Dog with a Kiwi in need. As well as helping on a day to day level, Mobility Dogs provide their partner with added independence, companionship, a greater sense of security, and a feeling of community connectedness,” says Ms Wilson.

Animates customers and pet lovers can donate from 8 September until 31 October at any Animates store throughout New Zealand. Donations can be made in a number of ways, either:

-  adding $3, $5 or $10 on to the sale at the till

-  customers can choose to round up a sale and,

-  donation boxes will be placed on all counters in store

-  Donate online at


For more information, please contact:

Menreet Kaur | Professional Public Relations | Ph: 09 979 2011 |

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