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    Articles by Hannah Gibson

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What They Do

Mobility Dogs are trained to assist people living with a physical disability with everyday tasks


Mobility Dogs learn a variety of ‘foundation skills’ to assist their recipient:

  • Retrieving items from the floor or raised surfaces in the home and in public. Also retrieving designated items: phone, wallet, key, mobile, medical kit, leash. Dogs can also carry items for short distances; like helping to load/unload the vehicle after shopping.

  • Delivering items from one person to another in a designated area

  • Opening/closing doors, drawers and cupboards. Also opening/closing household appliances, including fridges, front loading washers/dryers

  • Pressing lift and pedestrian crossing buttons

  • Assisting with counter transactions for payment exchange with retail clerks

  • Assisting with daily activities such as dressing/undressing

  • Switching lights off/on


Mobility Dogs can also be trained for more specialised skills:

  • Assist a recipient in the pulling of a manual wheelchair. Mobility Dogs use a specially designed harness for pulling activities.

  • Assist a recipient who needs help walking or balance, but may need some assistance moving smoothly or remaining balanced on their feet. Mobility Dogs wear a specially designed harness for this work.

  • Barking for help

  • Going for help to get the attention of another specified person in a home/work environment


Mobility Dogs provide love, companionship and loyalty

  • Mobility Dogs provide companionship and can aid a recipient in feeling a sense of increased independence, confidence and self-esteem, as well as a greater connection to their communities.


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