Are you a clinician and keen to find out more about therapy dogs?

    What do I need to know about how the placement of a therapy dog works?

    If you are a clinician and think that a therapy dog could be beneficial to your clients then here is some useful information:

    • You would need to adopt the dog on a permanent basis and it would live with, and be cared for by you.
    • The dog you receive would be a fully trained Mobility Dog that is best suited to working in a therapy environment due to its calm demeanour.
    • The dog would be able to work only a few days a week. The dog is not capable of working a 40 hr week like a human.
    • You would need approval from the management team at your place of work that a therapy dog is allowed onsite to work.
    • The cost of placing a therapy dog in Auckland costs $5,000. This cost goes towards covering some of the training costs associated with the dog.
    • The cost of placing a therapy dog outside of Auckland will be $5,000 + additional travel related expenses and will be assessed on a case by case basis.
    • For a dog to be placed, a Mobility Dogs senior trainer will need to come and teach you the dog’s skills in order for its training to be fully maximised.
    • The dog would work with you, the clinician, in a manner you feel is appropriate for your clients.

    There are a number of roles where a Therapy Dog might be suitable:

    Counselling services
    Dental health practitioners
    Rehabilitation services
    Mental health services
    Reading recovery programmes
    Victim support services
    University campuses
    Disability support services
    Palliative care services
    *All expressions of interest from other service providers are welcome

    We currently have therapy dogs placed in the following organisations:

    • Dental clinics
    • Mental Health Support Residential Care
    • Court
    • A church and it’s outreach programmes

    Watch the video to see how a therapy dog helps to relieve anxiety for patients during their visit to a dental clinic.

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