Become a puppy raiser

    It is such a good feeling to know that you have been just a small part of something which makes such a positive difference

    As a puppy raiser, you’ll welcome a young mobility dog into your home and life. It’s a commitment of around 12 months. You’ll be taught everything you need to know, including canine healthcare, training methods, and all the developmental stages of puppyhood.
    The cost of caring for your puppy, such as vet care, food, a crate, feeding bowls and toys will all be covered for you.

    Puppy raising is a wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with some lovely dogs – and people! – and support a future working dog who could make a real difference.

    To be a puppy raiser, you’ll need

    • A fenced yard at home, or a plan for exercising the dog if in an apartment
    • To welcome your dog into your home, and take it to all appropriate social and work events that we recommend
    • Time dedicated every day to socialising your puppy, taking it to environments such as train stations, buses, shops, and crowded and rural areas
    • To attend training, regular puppy classes and fieldtrips

    To enquire about becoming a puppy raiser, contact your local Mobility Dogs trainer today.