There are currently three research projects being carried out to support the evidence of the success and impact that a Mobility Dog has on the lives of New Zealanders with disabilities.

    Information about the projects that are currently underway can be found via the links below:

    Helen Spence
    Research topic:
    Begging for a canine prescription or barking up the wrong tree: Dogs in support of people with movement disorders. A feasibility study.

    This thesis examines the question: How feasible is it to compare effects of companion dogs and service dogs (Mobility Dogs) on quality of life (QOL) in people with movement disorders?

    Dallas Rewi
    Research topic:
    How do we know what we do works?  Building robust research through partnership.
    Dallas Rewi, Suzie Mudge, Alexis Channon

    For further information on Dallas’ research please contact

    Internal Audit MADT Impact Survey
    The aim was to find out if the documented benefits of independence, confidence and companionship, and the relief of anxiety, loneliness and isolation were indeed occurring within our small community.

    For further information on this audit please contact