How Mobility Dogs transform lives

    Practical help, emotional support

    Mobility Dogs are trained to help people living with a disability with everyday tasks. They also provide companionship, emotional support and a connection to the community.

    Each dog is trained to:

    • Retrieve and carry items – such as help load and unload the washing.
    • Deliver items to a person
    • Open and close doors and drawers
    • Press buttons for elevators and pedestrian crossings
    • Help with payments in shops
    • Assist with daily activities such as dressing and undressing

    Specialised Skills

    In addition, each dog can be trained to suit the unique requirements of their human partner.

    Our dogs can:

    • Put their own food bowls in the sink
    • Help their human partner turn over in bed
    • Tidy away their toys
    • Help strip the bed

    Some of our mobility dogs have also been known to help with the laundry and more!!

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