Meet our team

    Jody Wilson

    General Manager

    Working for Mobility Dogs brings together my interest in disability issues, my academic work (Biological/Social Anthropology and Social Science for Public Health) and now, working with people whose reality is the lived experience of disability.

    Phone: (027) 700 7017

    Letticia Mincham

    Development Manager

    It is inspiring to be involved in an organisation that makes a difference in such a broad variety of ways: the difference the dogs make, the opportunities for inclusiveness, community education and engagement, the Puppies in Prison programme, and the volunteer programme that engages people and businesses.

    Phone: (021) 288 2662

    Corinna Cooper

    Canine Programme Assistant

    I’ve worked as a vet nurse, zookeeper and detector-dog handler, but Mobility Dogs brings together my love of dogs and people. I co-ordinate and support our puppy raisers, manage vet visits and support the training team. I feel privileged to be making a positive difference in people’s lives.

    Phone: (021) 241 4098

    Natalie Ramm

    Senior Trainer and Puppies in Prison Coordinator

    I joined the Mobility Dogs as a volunteer trainer. A decade later, I’m employed as a member of the canine team – at our training facility, working with handlers in our Puppies in Prison programme, or placing dogs with clients.

    Phone: (027) 700 7016

    Judy and Grant Reid

    Southern Lakes District Coordinator and Puppy Development

    We have been raising puppies for many years, and after retiring to New Zealand, we continued this work with Mobility Dogs. Grant now trains puppies, and Judy coordinates speaking engagements and organises PR events. Grant also conducts monthly puppy meetings, trains existing and new puppy raisers, and places fully-trained dogs with disabled clients.

    Phone: 021 288 2662

    Maree Butler

    Client Coordinator

    I started volunteering at the Guide Dogs for the Blind Breeding Centre and quickly realised this was the right career change to make. I completed the Service Dog Instructor Certification at the Bergin University of Canine Studies in mid-2017, and I am delighted to be a part of the Mobility Dogs team in the role of Client Coordinator.

    Phone: (027) 700 2248