Mobility Dogs – Life Changing Loyalty

Mobility dogs are trained to offer practical support, companionship and security. They transform the lives of people living with disabilities, and your support can make an incredible difference.

Our Stories

Zara the black labrador puppy

Black Labrador Zara is nearly 11 months into her Mobility Dog training, so we asked her puppy raiser Greta, how this incredibly clever future life-changer is getting on. How long will you have Zara for? She came to us when she was about 10 or 11 weeks old from...

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Carol and Walter

“Walter gives me a sense of security as well as companionship” The first week Carol and Walter spent together as partners she knew she was meant to take things easy and not overwhelm him too much. By the end of their first week together he’d accompanied Carol to work...

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Kim and Cooper

“He’s my little sidekick in everything.” When Kim was 27 she fell over in the bathroom and broke her knee cap badly. After she came out of the cast she found that it was hard to wiggle her toes and her leg had pins and needles. When she went to the GP Kim couldn’t...

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Our Mission

To enhance the lives of people living with disabilities, increasing independence, confidence, self esteem and participation in New Zealand communities.

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Incredible things happen when you bring people and dogs together.

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