Dogs at work, people at our core

    Mobility Dogs specially train dogs to help disabled New Zealanders with their individual, unique needs. Through practical support, companionship and unconditional love, these dogs truly transform the lives of their partners, who enjoy greater independence and quality of life. The dogs also help build stronger communities. The bond between mobility dogs and their human partner can enhance:


    A more active life

    When individuals have more confidence, the benefits can be wide reaching. The individual gains huge psychological benefits of greater purpose and connection, while the community benefits from his or her unique perspective, skills and talents.


    With increased independence reliance on human carers can be reduced, and an improved connection with the community developed.

    Social interaction

    A Mobility Dog is often a catalyst for conversation, meeting new people and increasing their partner’s interaction with their community. This further increases confidence and self-esteem.

    A registered charity, Mobility Dogs receives no government funding for the training of our dogs and relies solely on donations from the philanthropic community – support this work here