Leaving a gift in your Will

    “I just thought it was incredible that a dog could be trained to help people…”

    Jennifer Joynt still remembers the day she first learned about Mobility Dogs. She read an article in her newspaper about a dog that helped a lady who had become unwell to do her laundry and help with day to day tasks.

    The story was filled with so much love and loyalty that it moved Jenny to tears. Not long later she needed to rewrite her Will, and she told us that she knew exactly what she wanted to do:

    “I knew that I wanted to leave a bit of legacy behind and do something that helps someone else. So when I saw the picture of that lady with her gorgeous dog, I just knew that was the answer. I rang up Mobility Dogs, told them my intention and asked them to send me the correct wording. They did, and it was all so easy.”

    Appreciation and Acknowledgement

    When you choose to leave a gift in your Will no matter how large or small we promise that your partnering with us will help make a positive impact on the lives of NZ’ers with disabilities.

    If you have chosen to include Mobility Dogs in your Will, we encourage you to please let us know you have done this.

    By letting us know what you have done it gives us the opportunity to thank you personally and to let you know how much we appreciate your support. Having this information is very helpful as it also allows us to plan effectively for the future.

    If you will allow us the privilege of showing our appreciation, or if you have any questions about leaving a bequest then please contact Jody Wilson.

    The process of leaving a Gift in your Will is simple and must be conducted through your solicitor who will help you turn your wishes into words. 

    You will need to reference the full name of our charity “Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust NZ” and our charity registration number “CC24410”.

    If you already have a will, your solicitor may just need to draw up a codicil – an addition or amendment to your will. This is quite simple to do and the codicil will then need to be incorporated into your will.

    Suggested Wording for a Will

    Choose one of the following options:
    I give free of all duties…

    • ( X ) percent of the residue of my estate to Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust NZ
    • ( $ amount ) to Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust NZ.
    • the residue of my estate to Mobility Assistance Dogs Trust NZ.

    Contact us for further information, please click here