Technology makes our lives easier in so many ways. Internet shopping, keeping up with family and friends who are far away, teaching new skills, controlling lights and appliances, heating and even doors at the touch of a screen!

    While we also know tech brings us some great opportunities, at Mobility Dogs, we also know that the phenomenal power of dogs helps us humans connect and feel better in ways that technology simply can’t.

    Here are four ways that we think that dogs enrich our lives and solve some of the challenges we all face in day-to-day life…

    Helping to bring families together 

    Modern family life can often be dominated by screens with everyone enjoying their favourite TV show or game on their own devices.  While this is great for satisfying a variety of different needs and wants, the flip side is that it means people aren’t connecting together.

    A walk with a dog is a great way to get everyone together for some fresh air, a chat and – as always happens when a dog is around – a few laughs!

    Helping to reduce social isolation

    Dianne has mobility dog, Hank, and, due to her disability, was finding it hard to get out often.

    She says: “My life has changed considerably since I got Hank. I used to only go out once a week on a Thursday. Now I go out every day to take Hank for a walk, and twice a week we go to the local dog park for Hank to have a run. And it also gives me a chance to talk with other dog owners.”

    It’s good to walk… and talk

    A dog walk is a perfect excuse to get out with a friend or family member and chat about what’s on your mind.  It might be a big thing or just to solve a little niggly problem and a dog can be a great motivating factor to get out.

    And walking side-by-side rather than sitting face on can be a much easier way of having a difficult or emotional conversation.

    Helping us de-stress in the office

    If you have the right set-up in your office whereby you’re able to support your dog with walks and plenty of distractions to stop him or her from getting bored, taking your dog to work can have great benefits for you both.

    Time out and breaks away from desks and screens can be really beneficial and a dog in the office can make your working environment seem calmer and bring people together.

    Making sure you and your dog are set up for the best day at work, with everything you need will ensure a happy, stress-free day for both of you.

    We’d love to hear the difference that having a dog has made to you or a loved one. Why not share your stories with us on Facebook.