Puppies in Prison™ is an incredible programme that pairs the prisoners with dogs that they train to become fully-qualified Mobility Dogs. The relationship that develops between the wahine and the dogs is proven to have positive benefits and outcomes for the prisoners. The dogs receive crucial training and care, while the women gain self-respect, knowledge, learn to work in a team and a sense of achievement.

    Although it is tough for the women to say goodbye to their dogs, they are proud of their work that will make a significant difference in the lives of those who receive these amazing dogs.

    Mobility Dogs Puppies in Prison™ Trainer, Sarah, says it’s an honour to work with the prison, and the handlers learn to be disciplined and skilled in what they do. For the wahine, the programme is a form of rehabilitation where they get the opportunity to work in a job that can potentially assist them when they reintegrate into the community.

    The programme has changed Mary’s* life, who is currently training her third pup, Jemma. She says, “I don’t know how to say it…I can now do anything if I put my mind to it. It just makes me so proud that we’ve done this, and it makes someone’s life just a little bit easier.”

    By supporting Mobility Dogs you are helping to make a positive impact on the lives of people in need, as well as providing rehabilitation opportunities through our Puppies in Prison™ programme.

    Witnessing how such a simple act of kindness can have such profound effects on women who are incarcerated and those who receive Mobility Dogs is amazing. The joy that comes from seeing these dogs go off to forever homes, knowing they will bring comfort and love to others, is truly remarkable.

    *Mary’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

    Photo credits: Corrections NZ