In the heart of Auckland’s Waitakere Courts, a unique presence named Holly, along with her handler Karen, is making a meaningful difference. Holly is not your usual courthouse employee; she’s a Mobility Dog on a mission, providing comfort and support in a typically tense environment.

    A Day in the Life of Holly
    Holly’s daily routine is simple yet impactful. She roams through the courthouse, visiting different people and spreading her special brand of comfort. But her role goes beyond that. Holly is exceptionally sensitive to those who might feel uneasy around dogs or are uncomfortable in an indoor setting. Her primary responsibility is to ensure that everyone feels at ease and safe. She possesses a knack for understanding who might need a little extra care.

    Holly in the Courtroom: An Extraordinary Experience
    Imagine being present during an emotionally charged courtroom sentencing. This is precisely where Holly excels. On cue, with a simple command, “visit,” she embarks on her mission to provide comfort. Holly gracefully moves through the room, engaging with people who are more than willing to offer a reassuring pat. But her true magic becomes apparent when she identifies those in need of extra attention. Holly will back up and position herself between someone’s knees, inviting them to embrace her. The impact is profound, offering a moment of comfort in what can be an intimidating courtroom environment.

    Victims often find immeasurable strength and comfort in Holly’s presence. One individual shared how they felt before being required to give evidence, “When I met Holly and cuddled her, I knew I could do it then.” Holly’s calming effect is undeniable, and she’s often considered the highlight of the day for many in the courtroom. Even the judge recognises her contribution, acknowledging her as an additional source of support.

    Holly’s role is versatile, offering comfort not only to victims but also to lawyers and individuals appearing in court.¬†Karen and Holly continually adapt to new challenges and opportunities. Holly isn’t just a working dog; she’s a companion, a source of comfort, and a symbol of support.

    Holly’s Transformation: From Timid to Confident
    When Holly first joined the team, she was described as timid and shy, more of a follower than a leader. However, her role as a Mobility Dog has transformed her personality. When she wears her working jacket, she knows she’s on duty, and her behaviour reflects her professionalism. But when the jacket comes off, Holly reverts to a typical playful pup, running around, indulging in zoomies, and occasionally causing some mischief.

    The Undeniable Benefit of Holly’s Presence
    Holly’s presence in the courtroom brings undeniable benefits, offering much-needed support and comfort to those who need it most. While some individuals may not be enthusiastic about dogs, her positive impact is indisputable.

    In Auckland, New Zealand, Holly represents hope, strength, and compassion within the justice system. Thanks to Holly and her handler Karen, the courtroom is a place where compassion and support are always present, making a challenging experience just a bit easier for everyone involved.