Thanks to the generous community support of National Mini Storage, Mobility Dogs has been able to make significant upgrades to our training space, creating an accessible and inspiring environment for both our canine companions and the people they assist.

    With the help of a talented student from Northcote College, we have designed a stunning mural that will adorn the walls of our training space, capturing the essence of the deep connection between a Mobility Dog and their human partners. The mural is being brought to life by a gifted artist, and we cannot wait for its completion in March.

    With a massive clear-out, we were able to make room for our training enhancements, creating a more accessible and inspiring environment. And thanks to the convenience of the storage units, we were able to relocate some of the items that were not immediately needed for our day-to-day operations. The spacious storage units provided by National Mini Storage have allowed our dedicated staff to store items that were previously taking up valuable space in our training facility.A Mobility dog on a leash

    Rubber matting was installed to provide a safe and non-slip surface for the dogs to walk, run and train. In addition, we have replaced the blankets on the kennel floor with easily cleanable dog beds, providing a comfortable and hygienic resting space for our canine friends.

    We’ve also invested in upgrading our mobility scooters, including servicing and replacing batteries which allow us to train our older puppies alongside them, enabling them to further develop their skills of walking next to power chairs and scooters. The addition of colourful balls to use as distraction tools and different textured floor tiles allow the dogs to get accustomed to different surfaces and adapt to different environments.

    To further enhance our training offerings, we also plan to refurbish our training tables, and source small agility equipment for use in the space. We plan to have an open day in Quarter 2 of this year to show off the new space to all those who have helped contribute to the finished product.

    Thanks to the grant money from National Mini Storage, we have taken a significant step towards creating an inclusive and fun training area that inspires both dogs and people. Every upgrade represents a build towards greater training safety and effectiveness, ensuring our dogs provide the best service possible for our community.

    We are grateful for the support from National Mini Storage that continues to enable Mobility Dogs to offer life-changing opportunities to individuals with disabilities in New Zealand. Thank you!