“There’s not much in life that can compare to the challenges my Dad had thrown at him, and so we decided to challenge ourselves to see how we cope when crazily difficult situations get thrown at us”. Tim Gould explains why he and his wife Tamara chose to sign up to do the Mongol Rally departing from the UK in July of this year.

    The Mongol Rally touts itself as the greatest motoring adventure on the planet. It involves traveling 10,000 miles or 16,000km, across mountains, deserts and steppes on roads that sometimes can’t be considered real roads in an old 1000cc car.

    In his mid-twenties Tim’s Dad got a pneumococcal septicaemic infection and gangrene, and both of his arms and legs needed to be amputated. 10 years ago David received his first dog from the charitable trust Mobility Dogs, and his life changed hugely.

    Mobility Dogs specially train dogs to help disabled New Zealanders with their individual, unique needs. Through practical support, companionship and unconditional love, these dogs truly transform the lives of their partners, who enjoy greater independence and quality of life.

    Tim continues, “When Dad got his Mobility Dog it changed his life. Not only does he help with little tasks around the house, but he is also a good companion and his best mate. For the Mongol Rally we must raise money for a charity, and we have chosen to give back to Mobility Dogs, as they have given so much to Dad.”