Suzy’s life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. With each passing day, simple tasks became daunting challenges, and her independence seemed to slip away. But little did she know that a beacon of hope was waiting for her in the form of Reid her Mobility Dog.

    Suzy had heard about the transformative power of Mobility Dogs and decided to reach out to see if she was a suitable candidate. Suzy did not want to get her hopes up but was thrilled when after a thorough evaluation, her application was accepted. She was then paired with Reid, a loving and highly trained Mobility Dog.

    From the moment they met, a profound bond formed between Suzy and Reid. With unwavering support, Reid has become Suzy’s guiding light, helping her navigate the physical and emotional obstacles that had hampered her life. With Reid by her side, Suzy has discovered newfound strength and a renewed sense of purpose.

    Suzy explains, “I’d become a bit of hermit because of my Multiple Sclerosis. But since having Reid I have gone out every day and I can’t describe what a difference he has made to my life.”

    Together, Suzy and Reid are conquering challenges that previously seemed overwhelming. Reid’s intuitive nature allows him to anticipate Suzy’s needs, offering stability and support in every step. Whether it is retrieving dropped items, opening doors, or providing balance during walks, Reid is always ready to assist. But it isn’t just the practical tasks; Reid has also become a source of comfort and companionship for Suzy, offering unwavering love during both good and challenging times.

    Thanks to Reid, Suzy’s life has transformed in remarkable ways. She has regained her independence and no longer feels isolated by her condition. Reid’s presence has not only improved Suzy’s physical abilities but has also uplifted her spirit, providing a constant reminder that she is not alone in her journey.

    “I’m so lucky, I really am, the luckiest. It’s like winning Lotto – that’s the closest I can describe to how I feel for getting him.”