When the family lost their beloved Labrador, Daisy, they were left with a void that seemed impossible to fill. Enter Mia, a charming and energetic Companion Dog who has since transformed their lives in ways they never imagined. From providing comfort during difficult moments to bringing joy and laughter, Mia has become an invaluable member of the household, especially for Lucy, who has ASD and ADHD.

    Before Mia joined their lives, Daisy was Lucy’s best friend and constant companion, offering unconditional love and support. Daisy’s unexpected passing left a significant void, and it took time for Lucy to accept that Mia was not Daisy and had her own unique personality. Recently, the family has come to feel complete again with Mia.

    Lucy’s mum Nicole explained why they wanted to apply for a Companion Dog: “Lucy has ASD and ADHD, and Daisy helped Lucy a lot with keeping her calm and just always being there. When Daisy passed, we were all devastated, but it became quite obvious just how important Daisy was to Lucy. School is hard for Lucy, and when she comes home, having a dog to walk and play with helps to ease the stress. The lack of judgment and unconditional love that Mia provides is invaluable.”

    Mia has taken on several important tasks using her Mobility Dogs skills. When Lucy becomes upset, Mia will nudge her to sit down and then lay beside her, prompting Lucy to pet her, which helps to calm her down. If Lucy faints, Mia can go to her, lay down, and bark until someone comes. Although they haven’t had to use this skill yet, they have been practicing. Sometimes when Lucy is yelling, Mia will bark at her, causing Lucy to laugh and forget what she was angry about. Additionally, Mia can bark on command, which makes Lucy feel safe when left at home alone, building her confidence.

    Mia brings numerous benefits to the family’s day-to-day life. Her loving energy is appreciated by everyone, and she allows Lucy’s mum to worry less about her daughter. Lucy’s mum reflects, “We all love her energy, and she is so loving. She also allows me to be less worried about Lucy. Knowing she is happy and safe means the entire family can function and not always be on edge.”

    Mia’s personality is described as cheeky, sassy, and loving. She adores water and any attention she can get. A recent letter from Nicole, Lucy’s mum to Mobility Dogs beautifully illustrates Mia’s bond with Lucy:

    “I thought I would tell you about an event today that had us all in tears! Lucy has had a really hard week, with exams, friend issues, and her dad being overseas for five weeks. Then he called to say his stay was extended to seven weeks. Lucy bottles it all up and then broke down tonight. She was on the couch and began to cry. Mia came running, jumped up next to her (she’s not allowed on the couch), put her paw around her, and then placed her head on her shoulder. She did not let her go!

    They really started bonding a couple of weeks ago. Lucy let her guard down, and Mia started to get to know her. It’s been really nice to see that bond grow. Mia now cries for Lucy when she comes home and asks her to walk her after school. They share endless cuddles. They are a perfect match.”

    The story of Mia and Lucy shows the incredible impact a Companion Dog can have on a family. Mia has brought joy, calm, and unconditional love back into their lives, and especially into Lucy’s, making her an irreplaceable member of the family.