Become a puppy volunteer

    We are looking for a puppy volunteer in the Lake Hayes / Shotover Country area.  You will welcome Dalton a 15 month old Mobility Dog into your home and life.

    It will be a commitment of around 4 months. Dalton has already completed 12 months of basic training and now he needs to do his advanced training.

    The cost of caring for your puppy, such as vet care, food, a crate, feeding bowls and toys will all be covered for you by Mobility Dogs.

    As a puppy volunteer, you will play an important role in maintaining and building on the training of a well-rounded Mobility Dog and get to enjoy quality time with a super pup in the making.

    To be selected as Dalton’s puppy volunteer, you’ll need:

    • A fenced yard at your home that is located in the Lakes Hayes or Shotover Country area or nearby neighbourhood
    • To welcome Dalton into your home, and take him to all appropriate social and work events that we recommend
    • To ensure Dalton will be supervised either at home or at work every day. He cannot be left alone for long periods of time
    • To be available for Dalton to be picked up from your home 3 times per week for a few hours of advanced training.
    • To be able to commit to looking after Dalton from the end of Jan / early Feb for 4 months. There can be no extended travel (ie. longer than one week) during this time
    • Time dedicated to taking Dalton on an exercise walk. We also encourage taking him with you when you are out and about on your normal daily activities. He has public access to most venues such as shops, cafes, recreation centres, movie theatres etc

    If you can commit to all of the above and are interested in becoming a puppy volunteer to Dalton, then email Grant at Mobility Dogs today!