Mobility Dog Cedric was placed with Sam and his family in May 2022. Sam has a series of complex health conditions and Cedric is able to provide both joy and companionship to the whole family unit as well as help Sam with his needs.

    Sam’s mother Francine wrote the below:

    “In short; Cedric is awesome! He has been amazing for Sam, and has settled in really well. Cedric enjoys coming to school each morning, he’s got specific dispensation from the principal to come into the grounds. We normally leave him in the boot of the car where he watches all the children going by, and a lot look for him too.

    Cedric loves sleeping on the bed with Sam. It has been such a relief to have Sam finally sleep through the night. He’s such a good dog, he’s a gentle tug for Sam, up to full on rough with my husband Jay. He works very hard to make Sam laugh. He clowns around a lot more if Sam is around, and he will wait until Sam is looking too.

    Cedric is very good at coming when Sam calls out to him and he often goes with Sam and Jay up to our section. Sam is just happy to be outside with Cedric, which in itself is wonderful as we’ve struggled to get him into the paddocks here in the past.

    We feel very lucky that Sam has received such a great buddy who has brought such an increase in quality of life for him, and who has also brought laughter and joy to our house.”

    Header image photo credit: Greenstone media